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    Founded in 1993, Infinity Group is dedicated to unlocking the full value of cross border partnerships. It does so by creating innovative platforms based on creative business models, investment funds and incubation eco systems that harmoniously link people, technologies and markets. Infinity Group is well-known for its strong roots in China, its vast, global network of technology, IP and innovation, its unrivaled know-how and expertise...
    Infinity Partner
    • 1、INNONATION enables and operates innovation eco systems in partnerships with cities
    • 2、INNONATION is No. 1 leading entity in China-Israel innovation arena. Our cross-border methodology and powerhouses upgrade cities innovation DNA, Creating strong attractiveness for innovation companies
    • 3、INNONATION’s methodology is based on 25-years of experience of INFINITY’s 25 funds plus Over 50 IPO/M&A, 20 SME centers and incubators. https://www.innonation.io
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